Lauraine Snelling at the Minot Hostfest


Candace with author Lorraine Snelling   Reading Lauraine Snelling’s Red River of the North Series back in the 1990s gave me permission to celebrate my Scandinavian roots.  I remember the euphoric feeling I experienced when I read about her characters’ immigration to America and their subsequent struggle to get established in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Her stories reminded me of something I had been overlooking.  Because of Lauraine’s books, I was able to step back and realize the importance of my family’s stories.

I grew up hearing about the difficulty of leaving Norway and Denmark and starting over in Minnesota.  My immigrant grandfather and grandmother lived upstairs when I was little.  I heard the adults speak in the language of their forefathers when they wanted to keep the conversation private.  It always seemed most ordinary.

Now, I follow Lauraine’s example of writing about Scandinavian immigrants in Minnesota.  My historical novels include many family stories tucked inside the pages.  When I met Lauraine at the Minot Hostfest, I couldn’t resist getting a photo with her.  After all, she was my early inspiration.

This year she and I will both have book tables at the Minot Hostfest.  If you attend, please stop by.  It promises to be a great time of celebration.



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  1. I look forward to meeting you at Hoostfest. I will be attending with my Aunt Marian Lease Bleth, and my cousin Diane Ellis Olds on Happy Trails. I have been enjoying your books for a number of years.

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