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  • Abercrombie-Trail

    Abercrombie Trail

    A fictionalized account of the Sioux Uprising of 1862, inhabited by the 19th century settlers of west central Minnesota. It centers on the life of Evan Jacobson, an immigrant Norwegian stage coach driver.

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  • Pomme-de-Terre

    Pomme De Terre

    Newlyweds Serena and Gust settle at Pomme de Terre and look forward to having a family. But government payments to the Indians are late, and the bloody war begins. Serena hates being away from her birth family, but she and Gust find nearby friends.

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  • Birdie


    BIRDIE continues the story of Ragna Larson, kidnapped with her little sister during the 1862 Sioux Uprising. At the end of the conflict, Ragna is returned to Camp Release. Her sister is never heard from again.

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  • Blooming-Prairie

    Blooming Prairie

    Widow Serena Gustafson returns to Pomme de Terre where her husband was killed during the Sioux Uprising. Her dreams of financial independence dissolve when land values plummet after a scourge of Rocky Mountain locusts. Serena must release the past before she can embrace her future.

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  • Farm-Girls

    Farm Girls – (Out of Print)

    If you learned to swear in Norwegian or shared a two-holer outhouse with your cousin, you’ll enjoy the poetry and prose of sisters Candace Simar and Angela Foster in their book Farm Girls.

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  • Shelterbelts


    Shelterbelts chronicles the life of a community struggling to return to normal after war. This is a story true to history of those difficult times while rich in the complications of the human spirit.

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  • Dear Homefolks

    Dear Homefolks

    An old witch woman cares for her sick neighbors. A lonely homesteader contemplates a bleak Christmas alone in a dirty dugout. A pregnant woman crouches in the swamp to hide from attacking Indians, and another…

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