Frontier Logging Comes to Life at the Pine River 150th Anniversary Celebration

Tamarack Down cast 2023

Photos by Sherrie Lillich #Frontier Logging #Pine River Historical Society #Pine River Camber of Commerce #Blue Cottage Agency It was great fun to venture into the world of skit writing for the Pine River Variety Show on July 7th and 8th. Tamarack Down, Boys takes place in a bunkhouse at a frontier logging camp along […]

Hackensack Arts and Book Festival August 12, 2023

#Northwoods Arts and Book Festival #Hackensack #Hackensack Chambers of Commerce #Minnesota #Art #Books #Festival #Blue Cottage Agency I’ve attended the Hackensack Festival since its beginnings. There’s something for everyone. I enjoy the artwork and pottery. The Lions sell food. Local vendors sell honey, greeting cards, jewelry, and much more. I hope you can make it. […]

Hardtack and Salt pork, the Mainstay of Civil War Soldiering

I grew up on dried beef, and knew very well how it was made and how it tasted. In spite of this, until recently, I thought all salt pork was in a liquid brine. The re-enactors at Fort Abercrombie set me straight. One of the soldier’s wives brought samples of hardtack and salted pork. To […]

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