Guest Blogger Charlie Johnson Reviews Shelterbelts

BOOK REVIEW of SHELTBERBELTS By Charlie Johnson: SHELTERBELTS By Candace Simar 267 pages Published by North Star Press My taste in reading favors people; real people. I’m not much for murder mysteries or romances. Give me ordinary folks who live ordinary lives but yet have their own stories to tell. You can’t get much more ordinary […]

1863 Murders at Fort Pomme de Terre after Sioux Uprising

This week marks the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the  Fort Pomme de Terre murders.  Union solders were stationed at the newly-built Fort Pomme de Terre, after the 1862 Sioux Uprising.  Letters from homesick soldiers talked of the monotony of the isolated outpost along the Pomme de Terre River between present-day Elbow Lake and Ashby, […]

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