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I finally got one of those jobs done today that has been years in the making. I mounted all the tools that I have from Grandpa Piepenburg’s era on the old haymow door off his barn. The rectangular object is a toolbox cover off what I would think was a hay mower with the letters “Minnesota No 2”. His wood planer is in the center of the last one.

The hand corn sheller came with an apple press I bought up by Alexandria and I don’t know where I got the shoe stretcher, The kickers, castrating tool, detailer, and ear notcher were still used by Dad when I was young. The 1881 corn planter I posted earlier that was Great Grandpa Piepenburg’s turns out to be a rare item. It was only produced for a few years since it had a manual seed dropper that required having two people on the rig. I have not found any pics of it on the net, nor seen it at any at threshing reunions around the state.

I have horse machinery scattered around my yard here in town which reminds me of Grandpa. The last task he completed before he died was to dismantle all his horse drawn machinery and put it on the “iron pile”. That tool box cover on the display was recovered from that pile. The machinery I have here in town was gleaned from around the countryside. So a rake, planter, potato plow, mower, and the sulky plow grace 511 E 4th St here in Morris. I have a 1915 potato plow out on the farm but it is too big for a display here in town.

Lots of memories… it blesses me to think that his hands held these tools. On the same note, our heavenly Dad is blessed when we thoughtfully consider and savor what his hands made and held too.


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