LET IT RAIN by Marian Starrs

Lyrics to a Jesus Culture song include, “My soul longs for you, nothing else will do. .. I believe you will come like the rain. . . so let it rain, let it rain.”

While singing this song at LifeCare, I was thinking about rain.  Have you noticed how the leaves on a tree sometimes turn over when they are thirsty – and when the rain comes they turn face up again to receive its life giving sweetness.  That particular evening, I was feeling like that tree.  The winds of adversity had blown through my life and all that was left was the dust of disappointment.  I held my heart up to the Lord and asked for a refreshing shower to moisten my dryness.  As we sang, I felt the gentle rain of encouragement.

I began praying for others who need rain; my sister, who needs a healing rain; others who need a cleansing rain that washes away the debris from lies believed; and yet others who need a deep soaking rain that reaches the roots and stimulates growth and fruit.

Sometimes a heavy downpour is what is needed to wash the sidewalks clean; as the water rushes to the storm drain, it carries away the rubble of life.  I prayed for those I know, and those I don’t, who need a downpour from the Holy Spirit to wash away misplaced trust and turn their hearts to Jesus.

In Psalm 32 David talks about the weight of his un-confessed sin and that his “strength was dried up as by the heat of summer.” (v. 4).  After acknowledging his sin, he was forgiven.  I prayed for those who need a rain to bring repentance.

As I was considering all the different kinds of rain, and the value of each, I thought about our natural tendency to want to stay dry.  We do this by making a mad dash from the car to the door, or by waiting for the rain to let up, or by using an umbrella.

At different times in my life, I have needed all of these kinds of rain, but I held up an umbrella against the rain of the spirit.  Wet can be uncomfortable, especially if it is the means of conviction.  Even when we are surrounded by others drinking in the rain like a dry sponge, we choose  to put up an umbrella.  It is a means of shutting down, of controlling the moment.  And it is a rebellious act of a disconnected person.

What does your soul need?  Whatever it is, the Holy Spirit can meet those needs.  So, I would encourage you if you hear the sound of rain, to put your umbrella away, open your heart and let it rain!


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