What We Miss by Not Paying Attention

034        The sight of the blooming canola fields against the North Dakota sky was breathtaking.  You’ll agree the yellow blossoms, the blue and gray sky look amazing next to the grassy field.

We stopped to take photos, mesmerized by the fields that rolled endlessly along both sides of the freeway.  We hadn’t seen canola fields before, so asked at the truck stop where we filled up our car.  We wanted to make sure we were correctly identifying the plants.

The young woman at the counter looked at us in surprise.  “What do you mean, blooming fields?”  she said with an absent minded nod toward her cell phone.  “I didn’t see any on my way to work.”  As we drove away, we noticed she had stepped out onto the sidewalk to crane her neck toward the nearest field.  I hope she admired its beauty.

Isn’t that the way it is?  We allow the busyness of everyday life to blind us to the amazing miracles happening all around us.  Today ask the Lord to open your eyes to something ordinary but beautiful in your life.  Take a photo!  I’d love to see what you find.

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  1. I had wondered what those fields were when I drove through ND. Very beautiful!

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