Rowing Against the Wind


Lately my plans have fallen apart.  An unexpected illness kept me from attending a major book event, a clerical error meant a reading had to be rescheduled, plans for a retreat fell through and other day-to-day intentions disappeared into thin air.  Believe me, it left me shaking my head.  I’m an organized person, and I take pride in both planning and following through on projects.

And having seen that tthey were troubled and tormented in rowing, for the wind was against them.  Mark 6:48a Amplified Version

The above passage put new light on my situation.  My life had slipped out of balance.  Family responsibilities, work, gardening, and writing had left me over committed and exhausted.  The Lord saw me rowing against the wind.  He knew I needed rest.  Surely my disappointments were part of his loving plan to help me take care of myself.

Are you rowing against the wind?  Jesus will help you find that place of balance in your life.

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