God’s Love Running Over with Mercy and Grace

Many struggle to find their identity.  What is it about life that makes us question where we belong?  It’s easy to compare ourselves with others—and don’t we usually measure our weaknesses against the other person’s strengths?  As believers, we know God has a plan for us both individually and part of His Church.  We long to find abundant life.  The hard part is to find our way.

Proverbs 31:10-31 shares a picture of a purposeful, satisfying life.  The  woman (also an example for men!!)  in this chapter enjoys freedom, fullness, sweetness and the radiance that draws others to Christ. Her duties are a lot like ours:  doing the mundane tasks of daily life, working to earn income for the family, and caring for those closest to us.  If you look closely you will see that it isn’t easy for her, either.  She is up early and staying up late to finish her tasks.  She must manage on a budget.  She struggles with spreading her wings to earn a living and yet remain true to her family responsibilities.   Yet through all this it would appear that she is a person after God’s own heart who enjoys a relationship with God that is vital, growing, intimate, real and personal.  Exactly what each of us wants.

No matter what your circumstances are right now, God’s love is running over with mercy and grace for you.  He longs for you to find your identity in Him and to establish yourself in the destiny of His plan for you. Sometimes the wounds of our past hinder this discovery.  Reach towards His love and let Him show you the treasures that await you.  Let Him bring healing to your life.  Then ask Him to show you the first step toward your goal and make that tiny, baby step.  You can do it!

His Stepping Stone ~ Debra Hunter


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