A Harmless Sun

Therefore you provided a flaming pillar of fire as a guide for your people’s unknown journey, and a harmless sun for their glorious wandering.

Wisdom 18:3 RSV-CE

 A friend describes a recent trip to China as “grueling.” Most travelers know what she means. Though traveling has its glorious moments, much is downright uncomfortable. Certainly being crammed with strangers on a crowded airplane is neither delightful nor exciting. Increased airport security means longer waits, more rules to follow and increased opportunities for tedium and dissatisfaction. Travelers, like my friend, grit their teeth and persevere, believing their destination worth the expense and hassle.

We are each on a spiritual journey.  Our paths meander and circle back to old problems and former nemesis. We get tied up in the rules and expectations of others.   Messy and uncomfortable situations blindside us. We stumble and fall, make mistakes and make amends. We learn most things the hard way. The passage above describes life as our glorious wandering.

Most days feel anything but glorious. But somehow on this unknown journey, we are guided by the flaming pillar of God’s presence. He changes our most fiery trial into a “harmless sun” that may feel hot and uncomfortable, but does not burn our skin. And by our daily cooperation, He leads us through all of life’s problems to our final destination.

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