Birdie’s Book Launch

Last night was a wonderful celebration to launch BIRDIE into the world.  It’s been a long time coming–I first started writing BIRDIE in 2005.  Of course, I’ve revised and rewritten more times than I like to remember, but I am gratified to hold the final product in my hand and see the fruits of my […]

Book Talk in Hutchinson

This past week I journeyed to Hutchinson, Minnesota, as part of their Friends of the Library celebration.  Their library was built as a Carnegie Library in 1904.  The lovely old building was a perfect setting for discussing my historical novels set in 19th century Minnesota.  How interesting to learn that the library is built on […]

Sitting Around Feeling Like a Failure

On Saturday I enjoyed a wonderful day at Spotlight on Books in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  Besides the wonderful opportunity for sharing my historical novels, Abercrombie Trail and Pomme de Terre, with an audience of librarians,  the conference included excellent workshops by Sarah Weeks and Alison McGhee. One thing that Alison McGhee said continues to resonate […]

Comments from Kids

A while back I told you about my invitation to speak to a class of 3rd and 4th graders in a multi-age classroom at a local elementary school.  You may remember my anxiety about trying to teach story structure to kids.  I used Cinderella as a template for structure and invited the children to make […]

Critique Groups

I enjoy the wonderful experience of being in an online critique group.  Only three members, the group  schedules submissions every two weeks with scheduled critiques to the others on the opposite week.  It keeps us busy! How did I find this group?  I was approached by another student at a writing workshop we both attended […]

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