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Sonmor Gaard        A Facebook connection brought a distant relative into my life.  I’m still not sure but I think this Wisconsin woman is the granddaughter of my grandfather’s half brother.  She graciously shares this photo of the original Sonmor farm near Tolga, Norway (not far from Lillehammer, famous for the Winter Olympics a while back).   Evan Jacobson, my main character in the Abercrombie Trail Series,  is loosely based on my Great Grandfather Even Jacobson Sonmor.  This photo shows the ancestral farm where he lived before coming to Minnesota in the 1860s.

As always, I am amazed by the great courage it took for him to leave all that he knew and strike out on his own for the wilderness of Minnesota.  I’m glad he did.


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  1. Wonderful! Even Jacobson Sonmor was my 3x great grandmother’s (Ingeborg Anna) younger brother. On the site another cousin has posted some pictures of him and his family. I look forward to checking out your books.

  2. This is so great! Evan Jacobson Sonmor is my great great uncle. His older brother Nils Jaconbson Sonmor is my great, great grandfather. Lovely to meet you both!

    1. Hi Kari, how wonderful to connect! I believe your great great grandfather’s wife was petronella? We visited their gravesite at Tordenskjold Free Lutheran Church near Underwood. Have you been there?

  3. Hi Candace,
    Yes, that is right, his wife was Petronella. I haven’t been their grave site but would really like to visit now with my father.

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