Author Candace Simar Visits Fort Abercrombie

Candace Simar and The Soukup Twins at Fort Abercrombie

On Sunday, August 12, Fort Abercrombie helped me celebrate the release of my new book, Escape to Fort Abercrombie. Publicist and Agent, Krista Soukup from Blue Cottage Agency did a great job in promoting the event and taking photographs. Leah and Rebekah Soukup dressed up like Laura Ingalls and acted as greeters. Former classmates Perry Bahr and Judy Jarmin dropped by to surprise me. It’s been forty-eight years since we were in high school together. Cousins Judy and Mike Sellden, neighbor Mary Sue Redebaugh, and former Pequot resident, Tom Moberg all made appearances. Folks from Marshall, Hankinson, Colfax, Iowa, Fargo and many other places gathered to celebrate the history of Fort Abercrombie. Parker Myhre, age 5, won the art contest. Many kids enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Thank you, Lenny Krueger and everyone at Fort Abercrombie for making this day extra-special


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  1. Dear Candace, Your new book kept me on the edge of my seat, and yet parts were sad, as I’m sure parts of our history were at that time. I think I’ve read all your books so far. Keep them coming! Bonnie Connolly – Shoreview,MN also from Aitkin, MN area.

    1. thank you so much. Yes, so much of history is sad. The research is heartbreaking. Just like the world now–lots of sadness. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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