Sister Lumberjack, Finally!

Sister Lumberjack, finally! Sister Lumberjack, my soon-to-be-released historical novel, is set in a Minnesota Logging Camp in 1893 at the height of the white pine harvest. The book began as a fleeting thought while writing Abercrombie Trail (North Star Press 2009). Solveig, the indentured servant, became my favorite minor character. In fact, she tried to […]

Bagley Friends of the Library Wall Hanging

I was so grateful to be included in this 2016 wall hanging created by the Bagley Friends of the Library. Minnesota authors were asked to autograph a strip of cloth that became the spines of the books on this gorgeous work of art. It was raffled off with the funds used to support library activities. […]

Final Edits at the Beach

Recently, I spent a lovely two weeks in Myrtle Beach working on the final edits for my new book. SISTER LUMBERJACK will publish early 2024. North Star Press will have review copies ready this summer. I’ll keep you posted. SISTER LUMBERJACK is the story of Solveig Rognaldson (Abercrombie Trail) in her widowhood. Financial pressures force […]

Whiskey Creek

The rivers around Fort Abercrombie are beautiful. Known as the “Gateway to the Dakotas,” Fort Abercrombie was built on the Red River of the North. Whiskey Creek emptied into the Red River near the fort. I like to imagine the settlers and soldiers during the U.S. Dakota war. FOLLOW WHISKEY CREEK is the result of […]

Grant County Museum in Elbow Lake, Minnesota

Grant County Museum in Elbow Lake, Minnesota

I love all museums, but I have a special place in my heart for the museum at Elbow Lake, Minnesota. Although Fort Pomme de Terre is no longer, a to scale model of the old Fort Pomme de Terre is on display at the museum. Patti Benson, the wonderful manager, steered me toward information about […]

Cold Spring Historical Society Museum

— I love small town museums. Often they inspire stories. I recently visited the Cold Spring Historical Society Museum. They have a wonderful antique quilt exhibit right now. If you’re in the Cold Spring, MN, area, you might take a peek.

Guest Post by Krista Soukup

Listen to a book on your next road trip Long car trips require entertainment. I returned yesterday from a trip to South Dakota and yes, Storm Bella was involved, but I survived any highly probable winter storm accidents. Though the road took me to Sioux Falls and back, my brain took me to Tolga Township in Candace Simar’snew […]

Shelterbelts by Candace Simar, a book review by Mary Algaard

Shelterbelts Book Cover

Posted by Mary Aalgaard on Jul 23, 2015 in Play off the Page | 2 comments Quote of the Day: Above the tree line, beyond the Hanson farm, the steeple of Tolga Lutheran poked into the clouds. The steeple showed from every corner of their farm. Tia looked toward the church many times a day while […]

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