Inspiration Found in a Norwegian Bunad

I’ve attended a lot of Scandinavian festivals promoting my historical novels about Norwegian immigrants. The Norwegian bunads are always interesting. More than traditional dress-up clothes, the bunads are specific to the different regions of Norway, similar to a state flag. One glance tells you which region of Norway the wearer is from. A bunad inspired […]

Final Edits at the Beach

Recently, I spent a lovely two weeks in Myrtle Beach working on the final edits for my new book. SISTER LUMBERJACK will publish early 2024. North Star Press will have review copies ready this summer. I’ll keep you posted. SISTER LUMBERJACK is the story of Solveig Rognaldson (Abercrombie Trail) in her widowhood. Financial pressures force […]

Fort Abercrombie Historical Site Books

American Flag

Fort Abercrombie is one of my happy places. The historical site is a North Dakota treasure with its rich history and natural beauty. My great grandfather drove the stage to the fort in the 1860’s, and inspired the Abercrombie Trail Series. It’s hard to believe the peaceful spot was once a battlefield between the U.S. […]

Writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder and more

2017 is two months gone, and today I took a moment to write down what I have accomplished in these first weeks of this year. I’m a goal setter and list maker. It’s good to also recognize what has been done already. Want to see what I’ve been doing? I’ve finished my first 2 rounds […]

Shelterbelts by Candace Simar, a book review by Mary Algaard

Shelterbelts Book Cover

Posted by Mary Aalgaard on Jul 23, 2015 in Play off the Page | 2 comments Quote of the Day: Above the tree line, beyond the Hanson farm, the steeple of Tolga Lutheran poked into the clouds. The steeple showed from every corner of their farm. Tia looked toward the church many times a day while […]

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