Blooming Prairie

Blooming Prairie Cover

Blooming Prairie, the fourth and final novel of the Abercrombie Trail series.

2013 Spur Award Finalist

Widow Serena Gustafson returns to Pomme de Terre where her husband was killed during the Sioux Uprising. Her dreams of financial independence dissolve when land values plummet after a scourge of Rocky Mountain locusts. Serena must release the past before she can embrace her future. Evan Jacobson, homesteading in nearby Otter Tail County, takes a job driving mules over the Wadsworth Trail. While Evan is on the road, newlyweds Anders and Ragna Vollen stay with Evan’s family. Increasing Indian tensions in Dakota Territory threaten to spill over into Minnesota, renewing old fears and bitter memories from the1862 Uprising.

Reader Comment:

“Your books fill in the blanks and vividly portray the reasons for the uprising-the US falters again-and the immediate and long term effects of that on the settlers in the western part of the territory/state. Totally new to me was the incessant problem of the grass hopper swarms and their deleterious effects on the lives of all involved in these stories. So I have been both immensely entertained and informed and for that I thank you.” ~ Virgil Blake


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