[Video] Fort Abercrombie

Candace Simar discusses her exciting new book “Escape to Fort Abercrombie” on video.

Escape to Fort Abercrombie Book Launch

Thanks to all of you who helped make the launch of Escape to Fort Abercrombie a success. How fun to connect with readers. The Crossing Arts Alliance graciously hosted the event and Lakes Area Music Festival allowed us to use their beautiful space for my book reading. My daughter, Faith Kimbler, helped with the food […]

Notes to Minnesota Library friends about my new book, Escape to Fort Abercrombie

Thanks to my successful Five Wings Arts Grant, I am doing a media blitz with Blue Cottage Agency to provide marketing and expertise to promote my newest book, ESCAPE TO FORT ABERCROMBIE. I spent the morning helping my publicist Krista Soukup get the postcards ready to go out to Minnesota libraries. What fun to recognize […]

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