Abercrombie Trail – Hardcover/Large Print Edition

Hardcover Front Of Abercrombie Trail

“Simar’s descriptions of the natural world are beautiful. Her characters are drawn with subtlety and depth. There are unforgettable death scenes and tender weddings. This is a story of the bonds of family and friendship, of perseverance and love. These are rare books, powerful and true.”
        ~ Nancy Plain, award winning author and Spur award judge.

While the history is real, she borrows freely from her own family history to create fictional characters. Born the granddaughter of Scandinavian immigrants, Candace nurtures a passion to document the difficulties of early Minnesota settlers in a realistic manner. “It wasn’t easy for them,” she says. “People suffered without adequate medical care or social support systems. I try to show those things in my books without sugar coating the facts.” She recommends her novels to readers of all ages. “Historical fiction is a painless way to learn history.”

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