Galleys Here for BIRDIE

The galleys for my next book, BIRDIE, arrived yesterday and I’m both excited and scared.  The story is written, it is really happening, and soon I’ll be able to tell if the effort was worthwhile.  I’ve heard other writers share similar thoughts.  It’s never easy to see your baby sent out into the world–warts and all.

I called on my sisters to help go over it one more time.  Claudia worked in a print shop for many years and is a master proof reader.  Annie is also a writer and has a good eye for editing story lines.  Others have helped along the way by reading early drafts, providing helpful suggestions, and hand holding as needed.

The target date for publication is May 1st.  My publicist and I have been working on book launches, publicity, and all the other stuff that goes into a successful book release.

But first, those galleys.  One more time!

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