In Trouble, Out of Trouble

I visited the 3rd and 4th graders at Eagleview Elementary today and met several aspiring novelists.  What creativity and enthusiasm!  Together we created Max, a ten-year-old boy and his friend, Sophie, and worked together to develop these characters.  One thing we discussed was the need to increase tension by adding trouble and conflict to the story line.

Then each student wrote a a story about Max and the many troubles in his life.  The pupils came up with some great ideas.  What fun to see their imaginations run wild.

Though none of us enjoy trouble, we are wise to add it to our fictional characters.  It’s good to put the characters in trouble, out of trouble, into more trouble, out of trouble, and then into the worst trouble yet.  A good story ends with the character changed in some way.

I left the class with a new appreciation for imagination and creativity.  The students wrote without inhibitions and with great enthusiasm.  Thank you, students, for teaching me these lessons.

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