quilting with words

A good friend is a master quilter. Her color and design choices transform ordinary scraps of fabric into works of art. I’m envious–I’ve never been able to sew with any level of expertise. Her work speaks to the world through the beauty and symmetry of her craft.

Writing resembles quilting in many ways. The words must fit together in precise patterns. They must make sense, create something more than the basic letters of the alphabet, and sometimes, if everything goes the way I wish, my writing turns into a beautiful thing that touches other people and communicates a deeper meaning.



  1. Angela Foster says

    How true! Writing is definitely like quilting or many of the other artistic endeavors people do. It takes knowledge, creativity and daring. There are so many different ways to express ourselves. I’m glad you chose writing. I enjoy reading your words.

    • Thanks for your comments. I like to think of the bits of words and letters as the quilting pieces that come together for a beautiful work of art.

  2. Great information! I will pass it along. Thanks again!

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