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Thank You Candace

Thank you, Candace Simar for inviting me here today to celebrate publication of Gifts of Red Pottery. This is a collection of my short stories that have either won an award or were previously published in a magazine. I love writing short stories with an upbeat, romantic tone. Stories that make us laugh or sigh. My stories include girls who find love in spite of themselves, and men who are changed by a brief encounter. In other words, my stories are about life where we are the best we can be.

I met Candace when I was the Chair of the WILLA Awards last year. One screener told me, “If you only read one book this year, it should be Shelterbelt.” He said that discovering Candace is like taking a chocolate from the box and biting in, and discovering a new favorite. And from then on, every time you get a box of candy, you’re always looking for that one special candy again. Wow. I want fans like that!

I write memoir, inspirational fiction and short stories all set in the American West. I was born in California, after my Norwegian great-grandfather had the good sense to take a train to Santa Barbara because he decided he’d had enough snow to last a lifetime. An insightful teacher submitted my first article to the local newspaper when I was twelve, bless her heart. My first short story came to me full-formed out of a deep sleep. It’s called “A Farmer Talks to God.” It’s included in Gifts of Red Pottery. My writing philosophy is, I write so that my handful of pebbles, cast into still waters, will create a ripple. I invite you to join my ripple.

Here’s the link to Gifts of Red Pottery

Anne Schroeder

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