Welcome to my new blog!

Please check back soon!


  1. I am back in Minnesota. It was a balmy 81 degrees in TX on Sunday. Checking out your new blog here 🙂

  2. Hi Candance,
    Congrats on getting a blog started. I’m trying to get more interest in mine as well. If you want, I’d be happy to “follow” yours if you want to “follow” mine in return. Actually if you read my last post, you might get a real kick out of it. I went on a ride-along with a cop from Michigan a couple weeks ago for my next week and it was quite the “adventure”… 🙂

    Just go to my website & click the link to my blog. Hope all is going well for you & your writing!!

    • Hi Barbara, great idea. I’ll sign up for yours, too. I’ve been very busy writing through this long winter and am feeling ready for a change of pace. Please give me a jingle if you’re up to the cabin sometime. I’d love to meet for lunch. Thanks.

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