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Listen to a book on your next road trip

Shelterbelts launch 145

Long car trips require entertainment. I returned yesterday from a trip to South Dakota and yes, Storm Bella was involved, but I survived any highly probable winter storm accidents. Though the road took me to Sioux Falls and back, my brain took me to Tolga Township in Candace Simar’snew book SHELTERBELTS. Yes, as Candace Simar’s agent and publicist I of course have read Shelterbelts (North Star Press) throughout the publishing and editing process but listening to Jim Norwood, the talented producer and narrator, sent me back in a new way. The audio version became available this week and I was excited to experience the characters and place of this book through the voice of Jim. Take Shelterbelts or another audio book on your Thanksgiving travel trip. Download a book for your kids or listen to a book as a family. It makes for an exciting journey! Shelterbelts Audio Book Download


  1. Krista Soukup says

    Love this book! Jim did an excellent job on producing the audio version!

  2. Candace writes Awesome books! Is there going to be a sequel?

  3. Lois jacobson says

    Thanks for coming to Walker for our Sons of Norway meeting and for our discussion. I absolutely loved “Shelterbelts”. I was a young girl and remember having four uncles in the military who all came home safely but had life long after effects from the war. The book could have been a true story of our small country church in North Dakota. I love the ending. My husband is now reading it.

    • Candace Simar says

      Lois, i loved being with your group, and I am delighted that you enjoyed Shelterbelts. I’m especially pleased that you enjoyed the ending. THANKS!

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